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JY Tech Inc

About us

We have developed a meticulous, technologically advanced computerized organization that plans to offer quality types of assistance in the eas of web composition, site improvement, internet advertising, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With the endeavors of our group throughout the years, we ‘ve effectively helped numerous clients in different ventures to fabricate their sites and offer specialized help to any organizations.

What we do

Web  Development

Web Development


Website UI/UX Design

Individual Website Design

Online-Store Website Design

Mobile device Website Design

Top-end web architectures.



Blockchain networks applications.

Cryptographic processes

Developing blockchain platform

Structuring and encrypting a blockchain database

Developing decentralized recording information 


Graphic Design

Graphic Design


Business Cards/ Flyers 

 / Brochures /Books& Magazine/

Restaurant and Bar Menus

/VIP Card /Catalogs

Roll Up Banner /Posters /

Banners /Packaging Design





Post-film and video production

Flash animation production

Sort Video advertising production

Event photo album video production

Film story designs.

TikTok Media

Apps Development

Apps Development


IOS development

Android development

WeChat development

APPS published & promotion

Custom APPS development

3D design

3D design


3D interior and exterior design.

3D garden design.

3D wallpaper 

LED lighting design.

3D printer



Brand Promotion

Brand Promotion


SEO (Search engine optimization)

SMO (Social Media optimization)

Google Ad

Marketing strategy 


Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance


Update page

Increase function

Add pictures

Manage products

Technical support 

Don’t hesitate to ask us about our work!